Morrison Vein Institute

  • Where Galapagos Islands
  • With Terri and Nick Morrison, my ever supportive and loving parents
  • My task Passing out candy to the kids that were waiting for their parents or other family members to get free medical care from this group of wonderful doctors, nurses and volunteers.
  • What your donation would do Help with the medical supplies needed to restore the face of a child with a cleft lip so he can be seen as “normal” amongst his peers; aid in the care of an indigenous man who walked three days to get his hernia, now the size of a basketball, fixed; or simply to pay the way of a nurse who generously has taken her vacation time to go down to these countries to help.

Mentor for AmeriCorps

  • Where San Bernardino, CA
  • With whom The AmeriCorps (known to most as the domestic Peace Corps) and the Volunteer Center of the Inland Empire, Inc.
  • My task To spread the knowledge of how important mentoring is to the San Bernardino Community.
  • What your time would do Help a young child to read by becoming a tutor; or help a child realize that she can pass high school and even go on to college just by spending one positive, encouraging hour a week with her; help a child that has been in the foster care, and group home system all his life realize his full potential.


  • Where Phoenix, AZ
  • With Mr. Seaquist’s summer biology class at Xavier College Preparatory
  • My task Learning how chicken’s produce eggs… long story culminating in me becoming a (ovo-lacto) vegetarian and learning more about how to do that on this site.
  • What your time would do You could promote awareness about the health benefits of becoming a vegetarian; stop the production of fur in the garment industry by not buying products made from an animal; gain knowledge about a way of life you may have otherwise brushed aside.

Peace Corps

  • Where it all started My head.
  • With whom Myself with great influences from my parents, Jesuits, and other special people in my life.
  • My task Never actually joined the Peace Corps, but I always wanted to, probably from my first trip to South America with Amigos de Salud Y Amistad (see Vein and Laser Center). It did inspire me to join the AmeriCorps though.
  • What your time or money would do Create dams for places in need of water, teach at a local school, promote aids awareness.


  • Where Looking at thousands of potential work placements in Gilbert, AZ at my roommate Berry’s house.
  • With Some times my family, sometimes a good friend, and sometimes searching alone.
  • My task When I finally found a placement, that of a Mentoring Ambassador, I would speak at local colleges and service groups to promote knowledge and enrollment in local mentoring programs.
  • What your time or money would do A house could be built for a needy family; people with disabilities could learn how to become more active members in society, and businesses could see the untapped market of people with disabilities becoming great workers; an after school program could be run to keep kids out of the street and inside doing positive activities.